When you come to Chorlton Unitarian Church for the first time, please don't expect to see from Wilbraham road a bulding that looks like a church.

You won't see such a building because the Unitarian church is a bungalow hidden from view from Wilbraham road behind a small three story block of flats (Regency Court Flats).

There is, however, a large square white notice board in front of the flats signposting the Unitarian Church.

The map attached shows the location of the church. Please use your own map or satnav to locate Wilbraham Road, the A6010 through Chorlton.

Then using the details below, turn or walk down the drive marked with the blue arrow. This is next right after Sibson Road (travelling towards Stretford) off Wilbraham Road, and you will come to the church car park and all will be clear, hopefully.


Map showing directions